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Buyers making use of mortgages drops to 62% - a new low
Mortgage lending has made its lowest contribution to housing finance purchases this year (prior to the recession), as buyers used cash and equity to move in 2013, according to the IMLA.

Prevalence for house ownership shows worrying signs for rental properties
Recent studies implemented by the CBI indicate that by 2018, 1 in 5 households will live in private rented accommodation, and if demand for private renting continues, £57 billion of investment a year will be needed by 2016.

The property market.
With the temperature dropping considerably, mortgage prices rise, chilling us deeper than the frost could. There are still great deals out there, whether you're looking to sell your property, rent one, buy one or let one, but those deals will only get co

Cash Sales are on the up in 2013
The proportion of house buyers using cash to buy properties has increased and id on the up. a third of all purchases were bought by cash, research has found.

Selling Your Property in Manchester with Houses Bought for Cash
The UK housing market is moving very slowly. It’s hard for homeowners to find buyers, meaning it’s increasingly hard to fund a big move, or sell your home for a profit.

Houses Bought For Cash Manchester
Houses bought for cash in Manchester from Genesis 100, we buy land and property in Manchester


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We will provide you with a current market valuation appraisal on your property at no cost or obligation to you!
When you accept our Cash Offer for your property, we will work at a pace that suits you and can even take care of all the paperwork.

Your Property is sold without having any intruders in your home. We are the end buyers. There are no hidden fees / commissions / estate agent fees to pay!

Genesis Quick Property Buyers in Manchester: Sell Your Property Fast In Manchester, We Buy Houses, Property and Land

  • Genesis are quick Property Buyers in Manchester and offer an intelligent and smart way to sell your home or property, we buy houses, property and land.

  • We are confident that we can purchase your home or property quickly and hassle free, leaving you 100% satisfied with our service.

  • Save thousands on unnecessary Fees.

  • Don’t be a victim of the housing market and unregulated Estate Agents

  • Don’t get caught out, don’t put your home or your family at risk!

  • There is another way, a way out – the GENESIS way! The smart way!


    The housing market continues to struggle and is facing multiple problems: We are confident that we can purchase your property fast and hassle free, leaving you 100% satisfied with our service.
    • The number of property buyers in Manchester continue to fall

    • Property Values continue to fall

    • Interest Rates will soon start to rise

    • Levels of Repossession are increasing

    • Not enough first time buyers

    • Unemployment continues to rise

    • Higher costs of living

    • Increase in the cost of sending children to College or University

Genesis are quick property buyers in Manchester and will buy your property for cash, contact us today.
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