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Burglary in Britain: Concerns, Reality and Tips to Keep Your Home Safe
Recent research carried out by IronmongeryDirect questioned 1,000 residents in the UK to determine just how safe they feel and overall, 53% of people have concerns about burglary, with 47% worrying regularly and 6% worrying all the time. However, 93% of i

What does 2016 hold for the property market?
Last year, the property market saw an escalating increase in the average prices of renting and buying. It was calculated that London continued to stand as the most expensive place to live in the UK, and Manche

Modern Housing – What Does the Near and Far Future Hold for Property Designs?
Modern technology is ever growing and impacts our daily lives in more ways than we can probably imagine. The technological developments that are happening around the world are sure to impact the housing and interior design sectors massively in years to co

The best celebrity properties
There is something quite satisfying about sitting in your ordinary porcelain bath at home, fantasising about sitting in a bigger, and more luxurious bath. A Jacuzzi the size of 10 people. A Jacuzzi that bubbles, massages and eases the aches of everyday li

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The Advantages of Moving Abroad
It isn’t every day that most of us consider the possibility of living in another country. In fact, it is true that a large quantity of us wouldn’t even have the guts to move so far. But what would be the benefits of moving to a hotter, much nicer coun

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News of the Week

Step into luxury and find out more about the homes of the rich and famous.
The multi-million-pound pads of the rich and famous.

Multigenerational Living
“We are family, I’ve got all my sisters, brothers, parents and grandparents with me…” Sister Sledge joyfully sing about having “all their sisters”, but is multi-generational living for you? Multi-generational living is defined as a family

Energy Efficient Homes
Following the 2008 Energy Efficiency Standards and their amendment in 2013, it is now a requirement of all Landlords of privately rented property to obtain Energy Efficiency Certificates for each property. The premise of this is to keep an eye on the car


At Genesis we are all about making life easy and we understand that sometimes it can be difficult to sell a property quickly. We are a professional investment company and if you live in Manchester and need to sell your property quickly then we can help- by purchasing your property for cash!

There are many different reasons why someone may need to sell their property, these issues range from financial difficulties, structural problems, rental problems and family problems to name but a few. Maybe the property has been up for sale with an estate agent for some time and they are not doing everything that they should be to help it sell, as frustrating as this may seem, come to us and we can handle everything to help you sell your property. The process of selling a property through an estate agent can be a slow and laborious one and whether the property sells or not is just down to finding the right buyer at the right time, even then the process can take months. By using we can offer an efficient and professional service that will take the stress away from selling your home.

We have over ten years of experience in this business and that is shown in the service that we offer. We pride ourselves in offering a service that is completely free and we do not charge any agency fees or commission, this leaves you safe in the knowledge that there will not be any hidden charges that could catch you out. Our large panel of solicitors will work with you throughout the whole process to ensure that everything runs smoothly and we will pay your legal fees and all surveyor fees. We want everything to run as it should and we want to make life simple for all involved which is why we use the best conveyancing solicitors. They act professionally and work tirelessly to make everything happen, with Genesis you are in safe hands and this is why we have many happy clients who speak highly of our service.

As everyone is aware the traditional selling process is one that can take time. It starts with getting the property valued and then advertising it through an estate agent. Potential buyers then have to be shown around the property in the hope that they will make an offer. This can continue for months or even years, eventually ending when the price has been reduced.

By using Genesis you will benefit from the following:

• We are the buyers
• We do not use estate agents
• All costs are laid out up front- no nasty surprises!
• 10 years of experience in the industry
• All legal fees are paid for by us
• Your property will be sold
• Completion date that suits you

If you need to sell your property fast then get in touch with us we can guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

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